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Heated Neck Wrap for Pain Relief

Heated Neck Wrap for Pain Relief

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Introducing our Electric Heating Neck Brace, a revolutionary solution for targeted pain relief and relaxation. Crafted from a durable composite material, this Medium-sized heated neck wrap is designed specifically for soothing neck discomfort. Its cutting-edge technology combines electric neck massage and far-infrared heat therapy, offering a versatile health care tool to alleviate pain and fatigue.

With adjustable temperatures ranging from 45-55-65°C, personalized comfort is at your fingertips. The integrated Heating Kneading Massager employs a gentle yet effective technique, promoting cervical vertebra fatigue therapy. The convenience of a 5V charging voltage ensures hassle-free use, with sessions lasting 30-45-60 minutes.

This Electric Neck Massager not only relieves pain but also doubles as a neck and back massager, providing comprehensive relaxation. Compact at 52*13.7cm and weighing only 120g, it's the perfect companion for on-the-go relief. Invest in your well-being with our Electric Heating Neck Brace – your go-to solution for ultimate comfort and rejuvenation.


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